Catch the trend of the men's clothing

Catch the trend of the men's clothing


Do you know how to Use Rolex?

18Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand. Form the most elegant and prestigious models to the professional time pieces, all the exquisitely crafted. People love its precision and water-proof while others love its elegance and durability. However, many people still don’t use Rolex watch and confuse how to use Rolex. This passage will introduce the usage of Rolex in detail.

As for me, I will consider two small buttons on both sides of rolex replica watches as Up A and Down B. You press the B, the hand indicator is still walking called second hand; back to number 12 is called timer.

Setting Time and Date
1. When second hand indicator reaches the position of number 12, pull watch crown and move to the second case. Then, second hand will stop.
2. Please rotate watch crown, move minute hand and regulate hour hand and minute hand until you put the indicator to the correct time.
3. Please push watch crown back to the normal position and the time stars over.

Using Second Hand
You can measure 59 minutes and 59 seconds with a stopwatch. If you measure how long it takes, please:
1. Press A and start the stopwatch.
2. Press A and stop the stopwatch. Press A again, you can restore measurement operation.
3. Inspect the duration. Press B and reset the stopwatch.

Precautions for Use
1. When you pull out the watch crown of rolex daytona replica ukto the first or second case, do not try to operate the stopwatch.
2. if the starting position of minute hand and second hand in the stopwatch are unaligned, the following procedure shall apply to regulate the position of indicators.
3. Please point to 12 o’clock when resetting the stopwatch.

Can’t you get it? Rolex has incorporated countless hours and more than a century of experience years of research, innovation and development into every one of its model, which is the result of Rolex’s continuous pursuit of perfection.